Caucasian Ovcharka Society of America 

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The Importance of Parentage and Lineage

Unfortunately for years now there have been accusations, and in some cases proof, of "pure bred" Caucasian Shepherd Dogs not really being pure. Thankfully, with the advances in DNA technology, such accusations can be avoided by DNA testing.

There are two important types of DNA testing in regards to this matter. Lineage DNA checks for specific genetic markers for the breed, and verifies whether or not the ancestors of the dog were CSDs. This test is easy to get if you follow the CSCA's recommendation for full genetic health testing through Embark; it is included in the DNA profiling.
The other DNA test that helps to reassure buyers is AKC DNA Parentage Evaluation. For this, both parents of the litter must have DNA profiles through AKC. AKC will then compare the litter's DNA with the parents and verify the parents as the parents of that litter.

Having these tests done allows your buyers to have peace of mind knowing that the dog they purchased from you is truly a Caucasian Shepherd.