Caucasian Ovcharka Society of America 

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Overseas there has been little health testing done, with what has been done being radiographs of the hips and sometimes elbows. Because of this CSCA feels strongly about more extensive health testing of potential breeding stock.

Beyond the radiographs of hips and elbows, we feel a full genetic health panel through Embark is necessary, as well as a cardiac evaluation.

Through Embark screening we have found that one of the known genes in the development of degenerative myelopathy is in the breed, though there have been no diagnosis of the disease in the Caucasian Shepherd here in the US. Embark screening has also showed that the breed has a gene that lowers baseline ALT levels in the effected dogs. While this does not directly threaten the affected dog, it can delay the diagnoses of liver disease unless the dog has had it's baseline ALT levels measured, since for these effected dogs elevated liver enzymes may still be in the "normal" range for dogs.

Here in the US, it has also been found that the breed suffers from cardiac disease. This heart-breaking illness calls for the cardiac testing of all potential breeding dogs, as to decrease the tragic deaths of our beloved breed.