Caucasian Ovcharka Society of America 

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So what health issues are there to be concerned about in the Caucasian Shepherd Dog?

  • Like all giant breeds, the CSD is at risk for dysplasia, both hip and elbows. Heart is also an important health consideration, as CSDs have been shown to have heart problems.
  • An eye condition called entropion is also becoming more prevalent in the breed. This is where a dog's eyelid curls in, pushing their eyelashes, and sometimes even fur, against the cornea, causing irritation and damage.
  • The gene associated with degenerative myelopathy has been found in the breed, but no dogs have been proven to develop it.

More specific health information can be found on our health concerns and hip dysplasia pages.

How can I keep my Caucasian Shepherd Dog healthy?

In all dogs, the BEST way to help them stay healthy is to keep them a healthy, lean weight, and keep them active. Please see the Feeding section of our website for more information on feeding.

A great way to keep both you and your dog active is to participate in AKC Events. Dog sports are a fantastic way to develop your bond with your dog .