Caucasian Ovcharka Society of America 

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Bringing a Caucasian Shepherd Dog into your home is not something to be taken lightly. The CSD requires a VERY experienced owner dedicated to the TRAINING and SOCIALIZATION of their new CSD.

Prospective owners need to consider the following:

  • Do you have a secure, appropriately sized fence, and if not, are you ready for the expensive of putting one up before you bring home a CSD? CSDs are territorial, and like all dogs of LGD origin, they WILL roam. Electric or invisible fence type containment systems WILL NOT stop these dogs. A six foot or taller fence is strongly advised. Such a fence costs anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to ten thousand or more.

  • Are you physically capable of handling an extremely large and powerful dog? CSDS, even well-trained ones, can decided to jump up on you, or see something on a walk and pull you along behind them like a ragdoll. A CSD owner must be capable of withstanding and preventing such behaviors. Even as puppies they are large and can easily knock someone over.

  • Do you have or are you planning to have children? Once again, the CSD is not a “gentle giant” and will not be very tolerant of young children pulling on or climbing on them. They also are a giant dog, and can easily knock over young children and hurt them without meaning to. Another concern with children is what will you do for a babysitter? These dogs do not tolerate strangers, especially in their homes. Often, even people that a CSD likes and is friendly with outside the home are not permitted in the home.

  • Do you have or plan to have other pets? Like strangers, other animals can be view as a threat to a CSD's territory, especially other dogs. Even when they grow up together, a CSD may choose to attack other pets. You must be prepared to completely and permanently separate the disputing animals. This is not to say a CSD cannot exist with other pets, just that the risk of issues between them and your pets is much higher than other breeds. Great precaution must be taken with same-sex dogs, as same-sex aggression is common in the breed.

  • Do you have a busy household? If so, this is simply not the breed for you. Most CSDs have to be locked up before allowing visitors in. Your child will not be able to ever play with friends around your CSD, because roughhousing can be seen as a threat to your child and the CSD may decide to stop it, with potentially deadly consequences.

  • Do you travel often? A Caucasian Shepherd Dog cannot be left with a dog sitter, and even boarding one is hard and very stressful for the dog. Many pet friendly hotels have weight limits as well, and it is often much lower than that of even a small CSD.