Caucasian Ovcharka Society of America 

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AKC Coronavirus Changes

In response to the changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the AKC has adjusted in-person events as well as made some titles available virtually. This allows people to continue to participate in some AKC sports without risking their health.  Agility Course Test, Virtual Obedience Test, and Virtual Rally have all been added since the pandemic began. As of now, these programs are scheduled to be run through December 2021.


Available Virtual Titles

  • Agility Course Test: This consists of two categories, two titles each. The first category is the ACT Standard, where dogs demonstrate their understanding of all of the agility equipment. These runs must be performed without any missed contacts or dropped bars. Titles available in the standard are ACT 1 and ACT 2.
          The second category is the ACT Jumpers. This mimics a standard jumpers course, with jumps, weaves, and tunnels. A clear run in this category earns an ACTJ 1 or ACTJ 2, depending on the level entered.
  • Virtual Obedience Test: The Virtual Obedience Test runs separate to AKC Obedience, and the titles earned in the Virtual Obedience Test do not apply to AKC Obedience. There is both a Beginner class (BN-V) and a Novice class (CD-V) in the Virtual Obedience Test.
  • AKC Rally Virtual Pilot ProgramThis was AKC's first venture into virtual titles. Novice (RN), Intermediate (RI), Advance (RA), and Excellent (RE) classes are all available through this program, and do apply to in-person Rally trials as well. At this point the higher Rally titles such as RAE are not available through this program.